Trainers/Instructors (part time or full time)

We are currently in need of classroom trainers/instructors for the following areas:

Basic English: Graduate of A.B. English.

Advanced English: Must have industry exposure to American, British, and Australian English. Experience as a Call Center Trainer an advantage. Objective is to have students understand English as spoken and used in Australia and UK, compared to American English.

Computer Operations: B.S. IT or equivalent. Experience in teaching keyboarding is a must. BBTE graduate a plus. Objective is teach basic computer operations, word processing programs, and keyboarding. Computer Secretarial graduates with teaching experience are also welcome to apply.

Medical English: Medical or allied medical graduate. Objective is to make students understand medical word structure and related English principles.

Legal English: LLB or Political Science graduate. Objective is to teach students Latin legal terms and make them understand the judicial, executive, and legislative systems of US, U.K. and Australia.

Transcription Mentor: Must have industry experience in medical, legal, business, and general transcription. Must have teaching experience. Captioning or subtitling experience is a plus.

Applicants should have (or on-going) 18 education units, must be able to prepare daily lesson plans, and must be computer literate.

Please e-mail complete resume with references to Please do not send attachments. Just copy and paste your resume to the message board (text area). Make sure also to place the position you are applying for at the Subject area. Please do not put “Applicant” or “Resume” as Subject. Applicants who do not follow instructions will not be scheduled for interview. We don’t entertain phone inquiries.