Video Captioning and Subtitling

Video Captioning and Subtitling is something that you may already be familiar with. You could have watched a TV program, a movie, or a Youtube video with subtitles (the text version of the spoken words) or captions (text version of the spoken words including description of all significant audios, like music, background noise, etc.).

Video Captioning and Subtitling is a short course program with an objective of providing quality training program to equip the trainees/students with the needed knowledge and skills to effectively and independently carry out captioning and subtitling functions.

The course can be finished in 4 months. It covers:
• Basic and Advanced English (American English, UK-Australian English, commonly used slang and expressions, etc.)
• Medical English (word structure, spelling, capitalization rules, etc)
• Legal English (Latin terms and the commonly used terms of the different areas of law
• Computers (basic operations, keyboarding, word processing, and industry-specific applications)
• Country-specific Captioning Guidelines & Rules
• Timecoding

You will be transcribing English videos of various levels of difficulty, content, accent, and style. After transcribing, you will use a special sofware to place timecodes on the captions so that they will be synchronized with the text version of spoken words or significant audio. What makes our course unique, is that we teach multicountry variations, so that you can handle most jobs, whatever the country-source may be. By having this set of knowledge and skills, you would really be an asset to the company you will work with. Also, you will be able to use your knowledge and skills at various countries.