Medical Transcription

What does a Medical Transcriptionist do?
A Medical Transcriptionist (MT), interprets and transcribes physician-dictated reports and other documents, which become a permanent part of the patient’s record, which in turn functions as an important document for future healthcare delivery, for medicolegal, billing purposes, etc..
According to the Department of Trade and Industry, MT is the next sunrise industry after the call centers. While the share of the Philippines of the $5 billion outsourced business from the US is not even 1 percent, the government is optimistic that it will surge significantly considering the computer skills of Filipinos and their proficiency in English. The US Medical Transcription Industry Alliance on the other hand, recorded the
average employment of US transcriptionists to be 230, 000 annually. The supply, however, is declining by 10 percent yearly. This demand for medical transcription in the US led to the increase in investments by medical transcription firms in other countries, including the Philippines.

Today, there is a shortage of over 300, 000 qualified MTs worldwide according to the American Association for Medical Transcriptionists (AAMT).

What do I get from ACI Profesional Medical Transcription Course?

When you enroll for a Professional Medical Transcription Course at ACI, you will get the following Modules and Data CDs.

Modules & CDs Below:

1. Computing and Keyboarding Skills for Medical Transcription (with CD)s
An instructional manual for computer operations. Its objective is to introduce computers even to those who have very limited or no computer education. It has extensive discussions and step-by-step instructions on how to use MS Word, MS Office, and audio players such as Express Scribe, Windows Media Player, and the like. It also introduces the student to software installation and the use of internet. Incorporated in the module are instructions on improving keyboarding skills through the use of a typing tutor software.
2. English for Medical Transcription
This module is designed for aspiring medical transcriptionists in mind. It teaches the basic rules in English language, grammar, punctuations, etc… and its application in medical transcription.
3. Medical Terminology
Here you will understand how a medical word is formed. You do not need to memorize all the words you will encounter. The objective is for you to be able to understand how words are formed. At the end of the module, you will find exercises which you need to accomplish, and send back to us.
4. Anatomy for medical transcription
Here you will understand and identify the parts of the human body. It is arranged by body system, so that understanding and retention will be enhanced. This comes with a CD containing audio pronunciation of terms.
5. Laboratory Medicine and Pharmacology for Medical Transcription
This module teaches you the basics of laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures in medicine. It also teaches you the basics of pharmacology; generic vs. brand names, routes of administration, units of measure, abbreviations, etc. This module also introduces you the use of drug reference materials.
6. Style Guide for Medical Transcription
This detailed module introduces the aspiring medical transcriptionist to report formats and styles, do’s and don’ts in medical transcription. This module was designed and patterned after the AAMT Book of Style.
7. HIPAA for Medical Transcription
Every medical transcriptionist should know HIPAA by heart, and comply with the rules and regulations it imposes. HIPAA is a complicated law. This module discusses HIPAA and how it affects medical transcriptionists, in layman’s language. This is a must read for all medical transcriptionists, and those aspiring to be one.
8a. Obstetrics and
8b. Genitourinary 8c. Gastroenterology
8d. Cardiology 8e. Orthopedics 8f. Neurology
8g. Pathology for Medical Transcriptionists

Medical Transcription (Hard Copy Modular version with 14 Modules and 9 CDs) – Price: Php 17,850
For the on line version – Price: Php15,172.00
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